Eye Doctor Near Bourbonnais – How To Prepare For An Appointment

It’s prudent to have an annual eye exam to take care of your eyes and overall health. A simple eye exam can be used to detect diabetes or high blood pressure. If you are visiting an eye doctor near Bourbonnais, here are a few things to help you prepare for an appointment.


First, you should have a proper history of any symptoms you have noticed before your eye exam. It could be light flashes, blurry vision, double vision, or poor night vision. Don’t forget to mention any issues with distinguishing colors and distances.

Your eye doctor near Bourbonnais should have a better chance of diagnosing your condition if you also mention your previous illnesses or injuries. If possible, confirm whether or not you have a previous history of eye issues in your family such as cataracts or glaucoma.


When you visit the eye doctor, you need to bring a few things such as;

  • Your current eyewear such as glasses, contacts, or sunglasses.
  • Current medication so the eye doctor can determine what could be affecting your eyesight.
  • The contact information of your primary care doctor.
  • Bring a friend or relative to take you home in the event of a serious eye exam to ensure safe driving.
  • Insurance information.

What To Ask Your Eye Doctor

Once you are in the doctor’s room, here are some questions you should ask your eye doctor.

  • Have you noticed any changes to my eyesight since my last visit?
  • What’s the best way to improve my vision?
  • What are the benefits of wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses?
  • What can I do the protect my vision?
  • When can I schedule the next eye exam?

Follow Up Visit

If the eye doctor prescribes contact lenses or glasses for the first time, you need to follow up after 2 weeks. That way, the eye doctor can ascertain whether or not there has been a change to your eyesight.

Remember, if this is your first time, you don’t need to feel intimidated. The eye doctor knows what they are doing. You need to relax and be prepared for any questions that the eye doctor might have about your health.

If possible, get the doctor’s contact information so you can always call them if you can’t make it to see them in person. Don’t forget to schedule regular eye exams and make sure your eye doctor updates you regularly about any changes to your eyesight that might affect your life.